HPE-410 Edging System

3 different feeling positions

Auto/Manual 3D Simulation

Bevel, Mini Bevel, Hybrid Grooving

The New HPE-410 combines amazing speed and solid stabilty

Roughing Methods for Stability in Edging

Can choose the roughing method (Normal, Spiral, Axial) based on the type of lens material and the amount of coating

Roughing proceeds more steadily if adding lens diameter directly in Normal or Spiral Roughing mode

Easier Hydrophobic Mode

With ultra-water-repellent coated lenses that are susceptible to slipping and deflection, processing options such as roughing method, safety mode, pressure control of the adaptive clamp chuck, and rotation speed of the lens can be adjusted and operated at the same time

Adaptive Clamp Chuck to prevent lens deformation

Minimizes axis twist which prevents lens & coating damage when processing High-curved Lenses.

Automatic adjustment for 3-step pressure (high, medium, low) / Manual input adjustment (from 50 to 150%)

Retouch Options

After completing a set of processes you can easily modify the size, polishing, grooving and safety beveling

A list of the latest 3 jobs

Scan & Cut which can make special shapes

Individual design - now you can directly scan a variety of lenses or convert image files to job files and begin cutting (with HAB-8000 and HDM-8000 configuration)

High responsive 9.7" Color Display

Intuitive GUI interface with Huvitz's simple yet sophisticated design

Touch method which can be easily started even if machine operation is not familiar

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