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The wide range of Mainline low melting-point alloys includes formulations with casting and mechanical properties specially suited to the optical industry.

Mainline Quality

The alloys are produced from a high-grade constituents, following strict specifications. Quality is monitored by an accredited system conforming to ISO 9002.


Mainline low melting-point alloys have compressive strength (15-30 Mpa for 0.2% set), easily sufficient for the necessary rigidity and control in all locating and centring operations.


With proper attention to usage, the alloy compositions remain stable for long periods of repetitive use.
If the composition is found to have drifted away from the original specification, it can usually be corrected in-house by the user. For this purpose, a testing service is available at the Wellingborough production laboratory. The corrective amounts of constituents can be supplied as a specially formulated alloy.

Choice of Alloy
Alloy Designation Melting Point Indications For Use
MLOC 47 47°C / 117°F Dimensionally stable. Use for plastic lenses.

Safety & The Environment

The recommended alloys are not classified as 'dangerous' for either carriage or supply. They are easy to handle, and quite safe when the rules for normal handling are observed.

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