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Compact and Duo Filtration Systems

Compact and Duo Filtration Systems


Duo Filtration Unit - Qty 1



Compact Filtration Unit - Qty 1


Compact and Duo Filtration Systems

Reduce your water usage by over 1 million litres of water per year*

The Mainline Compact and Duo Filtration systems are designed to clean your tank water constantly to remove the need for costly non environmentally friendly mains water. They are designed to work with up to 2 edgers or 1 high volume robotic fed edger making them the 1st choice in filtration.


The Compact and Duo collect the waste water in a settlement area within the main tank. Once a certain level is reached the pump flushes the water through 'Filtration Socks' cleaning the water alowing particles no bigger than 30 microns to pass back into the main tank for the edger pumps to use again.

Easy to install and maintain

The Compact and Duo can be installed by the end user or Mainline with minimum fuss or disruption to your workplace. They have have a simple but effective way of operating allowing the user to maintain the units with little fuss.

Filtration Type Tank Size Water Capacity (2/3rds full) Edger Capacity
Mainline Compact 600x390x320mm 40 Litres 1
Mainline Duo 800x600x412mm 100 Litres 2 or 1 Industrial Edger
Filtration Type Filter Socks Filter Socks Empty Filter Socks Change
Mainline Compact 2+1 Daily 3,000 Lenses
Mainline Duo 4+1 Daily 6,000 Lenses

*Based on 100 jobs per day, each lens using 15 litres of water.

Please note the price above excludes pumps and connection pipes.

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